DUDE decoy maker back on line

Dear users

the DUDE decoy maker is back on line.

I know that many of you have been having trouble the last 8 days, and that is because it was offline.

It is now fixed. Please try it and let us know!


Still not OK, working...

Dear users

We are still suffering the after effects of a hacker. Our systems are still not back to normal. Some things (like ZINC) are mostly running, but others, while they may appear to run, are not correct.

Please be patient while we work to restore normal service.


Update for Monday November 18, 2013

Dear users

As you know, we had a couple of bad events last week. First, our central switch got fried by a power spike during a routine power test and had to be replaced. Second, we got hacked. All within a few hours.

We've been working hard to restore services. This morning we unsuspended our queues, so any jobs submitted since the outage on Wednesday finally got to run this morning. I am watching the jobs go through, and will let you know how it goes.

slowly getting back to normal

Dear fans:

We got hit with a double whammy yesterday, Weds Nov 13 around 8:30am San Francisco time.

First, there was an emergency power test that failed, and as a result, all our machines had a hard stop. But more importantly, one of our central ethernet switches broke. We were completely off line for about 8 hours during the day. We spent most of the day getting the switch configured, and then looking at all the other problems that were caused by the sudden power outage. By the end of the day many things were back to normal, but not all.

DOCK Blaster and "zinc11" upload problems, last 3 days

Dear patient users

For the last three days (Nov 6,7,8 until now many things at have been quietly failing. This was due to a minor typo (missing single quote) that had escaped my notice.

Please re-submit / re-upload and let me know if problems persist.

I will be more diligent about testing each and every change, however minor.


If you are near London UK on Nov 15

Will be held in London UK on Nov 15, 2013.

Title is "Tools and Strategies to Find Chemical Probes for Your Protein - The Role of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery"

This workshop is FREE to members of the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry, and reasonably priced for everyone else.

Be there aloha.

DOCK Blaster was broken for about 2 hours day, 11 am to 1 pm San Francisco time (Aug 20)

We think we fixed it, still testing. Symptom was the ligand control would not dock "DOCK failure". This could be among the shortest DOCK Blaster outages on record.

We have exciting new stuff in the pipeline, just submitting the paper, and once accepted, you'll be able to see it.


We're back

license updated. Service returning to normal. Thanks for your patience.

OpenEye license has expired, trying to get it renewed

Dear fans

Our OpenEye license has expired, and so a lot of things are currently broken. We are working with OpenEye to get this sorted out quickly, and hope to be back to normal working conditions very soon.


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