Dear fans

We made a typo on Jan 3 that led to the DUDE decoy generator (and by extension DOCK Blaster that depends on it) not working for 4 days. Normal service was restored yesterday Monday Jan 6 around 6pm San Francisco time.

Things should be working normally now. Let me know if that is not true.

We regret any inconvenience.

I also "cleaned up" a bunch of old docking jobs that were in an unusable state. I tried to be careful, but if I accidentally wiped out your job that you still wanted, I regret that. Please resubmit and accept my apologies.

John back up

Dear fans

About 90% of services have been up since about 8am this morning in San Francisco. A couple of things are still giving us trouble. We are working on them, and expect everything to be normal again by Friday morning.

-- John

14 hour power out tonight - offline

Dear fans

Due to an interruption of electrical power beyond our control, our sites ZINC, DOCK Blaster, SEA, DUD, DUDE, and so on will be down overnight for a planned power outage.

San Francisco time, the outage will start at 4 to 6 pm and last until 8 am Thursday morning. This will be the longest planned outage any of us can remember.

This is related to the new hospital across the street, which will be opening soon. If you find yourself in San Francisco, check out Mission Bay. If you've been there before but not recently, you won't recognize the place!

Something to be thankful for - DOCK Blaster is back to normal

Dear Patient Users

Wednesday evening DOCK Blaster was restored to normal pre-attack (Nov 11) level service. Interestingly, the scoring #2 "AMBER scoring" had been working, but the Scoring #1 "polarized binding site" aka "tarted up" scoring had been incorrect, due to a typo. Weird! We regret the trouble, and will do our best to:

a. keep the service running smoothly as best we can

b. write to all of you who have written me with follow up explanations and assistance.

Please give me 2 days to catch up on my email backlog.

Happy Thanksgiving!


DOCK Blaster mechanically working

Dear users

DOCK Blaster started working mechanically again Friday afternoon around 2pm San Francisco time / 5pm Toronto time. However, although the program runs to completion, there does seems to be a parameterization problem that is causing too many small anions to score well (at least in one case I tried).

Therefore, please be careful. I am continuing to test DOCK Blaster and investigate this problem, and will let you know as soon as I know what is wrong.


still got problems with DOCK Blaster

Dear all

We still have problems with DOCK Blaster arising from the power/hacker failure last week. Right now, one of our slave databases is out of sync.

We are working to correct the problem, and will let you know. In the meantime, DOCK Blaster seems to be working on some cases, but fails too often.

We hope to get this sorted out by tomorrow Friday.

We regret the inconvenience.


DUDE decoy maker back on line

Dear users

the DUDE decoy maker is back on line.

I know that many of you have been having trouble the last 8 days, and that is because it was offline.

It is now fixed. Please try it and let us know!


Still not OK, working...

Dear users

We are still suffering the after effects of a hacker. Our systems are still not back to normal. Some things (like ZINC) are mostly running, but others, while they may appear to run, are not correct.

Please be patient while we work to restore normal service.


Update for Monday November 18, 2013

Dear users

As you know, we had a couple of bad events last week. First, our central switch got fried by a power spike during a routine power test and had to be replaced. Second, we got hacked. All within a few hours.

We've been working hard to restore services. This morning we unsuspended our queues, so any jobs submitted since the outage on Wednesday finally got to run this morning. I am watching the jobs go through, and will let you know how it goes.

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