news roundup, Feb 1, 2013 from

Hi fans,

Here is the recent news:

a. vendor catalogs updated: Biosynth, Synergy, Enamine BB make-on-demand, innovapharm make on demand, Otava make on demand, Squarix, Synquest, Tractus, Fluorochem, Timtec, Innovapharm BB make on demand, Enamine BB, Timtec BB, BePharm BB.

b. welcome new vendors: Kaironkem, American Custom Chemicals Corp., Broadpharm, Otava Premium BB,

c. welcome new annotated catalogs: Nubbe Natural Product database, StreptomeDB, NIH Clinical Collection.

That's just during January. Since we didn't send out a message in December, here are the additions for December: ah, it's too much. Just go and look for yourself: In particular, the IBM patent data compounds based on their freely released parsed-patent-literature file, is very interesting. We have links in the molecule detail pages directly to the patents on line. Thank you IBM and Steve Boyer!

-- John