current status of websites @

The following websites are currently public and supported here at

* ZINC7 - the 2007 version of ZINC. (
* ZINC6 - the 2006 version of ZINC. (
* ZINC5 - the 2005 version of ZINC. (

Generally, you should use the latest version. However, for maximum backwards compatibility and support of the community, the old versions are still available. A major update is in progress and will be announced soon.

* DUD - A directory of useful decoys for benchmarking molecular docking.

* SEA - The similarity ensemble approach.

* Shoichet Lab web pages -

* - this blog. Intended to be a community forum.

* - mailing lists such as ZINC-fans and DOCK-fans.

* - the official DOCK website

* - Documentation on a wiki. Still early.

Thank you for your support and interest in our work.

The Team @ UCSF