Creating user-defined subset for docking

Hi all,

Various places in the documentation indicate that it should be possible to create a user-defined subset in ZINC for use with DOCK Blaster. For example, the DOCK Blaster FAQ says I can upload molecules to ZINC and create a subset, which will be available for docking. DOCK Blaster also offers "User-created subset" and "User-uploaded subset" as databases to dock with.

The ZINC subsets wiki page says I can create my own subset "...via the ZINC results browser page after a search by clicking on 'create subset'." Unfortunately, I don't see the option to "create subset" anywhere. There is also a reference to an upload page at where I might be able to upload my own subset (list of compounds), but that URL gives a 404 error.

Is the functionality to define my own subsets for docking still available?

I'm a former systems administrator, sometime hack programmer, and general unix enthusiast, so if it's something I can help you fix or re-implement, please let me know. I'd be glad to help.

Thank you!

Scott Grigsby