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We are a chemical supplier which offers a number of novel and innovative research chemicals within Canada. Chemists and researchers choose our company because we have great customer service and are driven to bring our customers larger quantities of quality chemicals for a low price. Our chemicals are analyzed by H-NMR and the analytical data is provided for each chemical. We hope to support your research by being your reliable supplier.

Please see our attached Chemical List or feel free to visit our website;

Syntharise Chemical Inc.

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your catalog is already in ZINC

Please do not repost it here, where it is less useful.

Please send us your catalog in SDF or SMILES format and we will update ZINC.

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Update- additional stock added;
3-Fluorophenmetrazine HCl | SRISEC055
Clenbuterol HCl | SRISEC056
MT-45 (Dicitrate Salt) | SRISEC057
Sunifiram | SRISEC058
Pregabalin | SRISEC059
4-Fluoromethylphenidate HCl | SRISEC060
4-amino-3-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)butanoic acid | SRISEC061


Thank you for the inquiry. Please see the data below for the chemical Ostarine we have in stock. This chemical can be purchased directly from our website.


Review the laws in your country before ordering.
Chemical Name: (2S)-3-(4-Cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide, Enobosarm, GTx-024, MK-2866
Purity: ≥98%
Packaging: In a UV resistant bag.
Appearance: White Powder
CAS#: 841205-47-8
Molecular Weight: 389.33 g/mol
Molecular Formula: C19H14F3N3O3
Solubility: ethanol 25mg/ml, DMSO & DMF 15mg/ml
Storage: Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry area.



For research purposes. Not for use in-vitro.

3rd Party Analysis;

If you have any questions or other inquiries, please contact us at;

How about the "Ostarine |

How about the "Ostarine | SRISEC002"? Any more information about it?

Update - Nov. 2015

Syntharise Chemical currently stocks a wide range of research chemicals. To place an order, please first register on our registration page by reading and accepting our terms and conditions.

Product Page;
Special Order Request;
2-(Diphenylmethyl)piperidine HCl | SRISEC045
2-Ethyl-3-phenyl-4(3H)-quinazolinone | SRISEC015
2-Methyl-2-butanyl carbamate | SRISEC043
3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate HCl | SRISEC032
4-AcO-DMT Fumarate | SRISEC019
4-AcO-MET Fumarate | SRISEC046
4-HO-MiPT Fumarate | SRISEC020
5-MeO-EiPT HCl | SRISEC047
5-MeO-MiPT HCl | SRISEC048
Adrafinil | SRISEC008
Amfonelic Acid | SRISEC035
Amfonelic Acid Sodium Salt | SRISEC036
Andarine | SRISEC001
Baclofen | SRISEC009
BOD (HCl Salt) | SRISEC034
Chlorobutanol | SRISEC050
Clomethiazole HCl | SRISEC007
Deschloroetizolam | SRISEC018
Dextromethorphan HBr | SRISEC027
Ethylnaphthidate HCl | SRISEC031
Ethylphenidate HCl | SRISEC051
Fasoracetam | SRISEC037
Gabapentin | SRISEC052
Glaucine HBr | SRISEC026
Ibutamoren mesylate | SRISEC021
Ipamorelin | SRISEC013
LGD-4033 | SRISEC012
Methallylescaline HCl | SRISEC024
Methoxphenidine HCl | SRISEC044
Methylnaphthidate HCl | SRISEC014
Noopept | SRISEC0016
NSI-189 | SRISEC003
Obeticholic acid | SRISEC038
Ostarine | SRISEC002
Pagoclone | SRISEC006
Phenylpiracetam | SRISEC017
PRL-8-53 (HCl salt) | SRISEC004
Propylphenidate HCl | SRISEC030
RAD140 | SRISEC039
RH-34 (HCl Salt) | SRISEC049
RU58841 | SRISEC040
S-23 | SRISEC041
Semax | SRISEC011
SR9009 | SRISEC005
Thidiazuron | SRISEC029
Tianeptine Sodium Salt | SRISEC010
Tiletamine HCl | SRISEC054
Trans-Zeatin | SRISEC028
Tripelennamine HCl | SRISEC022
U-47700 (HCl salt) | SRISEC033
Ursodeoxycholic acid | SRISEC042
Zopiclone | SRISEC025

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