new 3D models for ZINC15 being released tomorrow (Wed Dec 9, 2015)

Dear ZINC15 Fans

Thank you to everyone who has written us asking about 3D models in ZINC15. As we said in the paper and on our wiki, we would start updating the 3D models in December 2015. Tomorrow is day 1.

We will release about 5 million new 3D models tomorrow, Wed Dec 9, 2015. All existing 3D models will be removed from the website. We have focused on purchasable fragments, which were the fastest to build. We have also been building purchasable lead-like compounds, so you'll find some of those tomorrow too. What you will not see is much above 350 amu. Sorry, but with 138 million models to build, at a rate of about 1 million per day, we had to prioritize.

We will keep building, slowly but surely, during December. Here are our minimum goals:

1. January 1, 2016. 500K in stock fragments, 6 million in stock leads. A smattering of others
2. February 1, 2016. 12 million in stock (350-500 Da), ChEMBL, 90% of biogenics.
3. March 1, 2016. Too far away to predict, but we'll begin adding make-on-demand and completing the in-stock compounds.

In March, as we continue to build 3D models. update catalogs and add remaining features, we will begin evaluating when we can turn ZINC12 off.

4. June 1, 2016. Our date at which we hope ZINC12 will no longer be necessary.

We are trying to make the switch over from ZINC12 to ZINC15 as quick and easy as possible. We will write separately about catalog updates, which are separate from 3D model building. Thank you for your patience. We are always happy to hear from you, but as we are currently overwhelmed, we may not be able to respond directly to everyone.

on behalf of
Team ZINC15