New Chimera Version available 1.2540.

Hi everybody,
A new production release, version 1.2540, is now available from:

Many improvements and new features have been added since the previous production release (Nov 2007), as detailed in the release notes: For the time-challenged, here are just a few of the reasons you may want to use the new version:

1) new fetch types:
- comparative models from ModBase
- protein pocket data from CASTp database
- small molecule structures from Pub3D
- small molecule structures built from SMILES strings
2) surface improvements:
- increased reliability
- surface areas automatically calculated
- Actions menu, other tools work on more types of surfaces
3) appearance:
- default lighting changed to improve POV-Ray results
- larger default scale
- helix ribbon insides can be colored separately
- 2D labels can include Greek letters and other symbols
4) new tools: Axes, EnsembleCluster, Solvate, Structure Diagram
5) new commands: export, mclip, molmap, perframe, ribinsidecolor, shape, solvate, topography, vop

See the release notes for details. The production release includes versions for Windows, Mac/X11, Linux, SGI IRIX, and HP Tru64. The Mac Aqua version has been improved significantly, but for now remains a snapshot download: