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seen in the wild: Dock 3.6

Seen on the back of a car, sent in by alert driver, former lab member and first author of Babaoglu J Med Chem 2008 among many other gems, Kerim Babaoglu.

We are now on the lookout for a car with a 3.7 or a 6.7 liter engine. :)

docking and decoys have been slow the last 48 hours

Owing to a licensing problem, some jobs have been stuck in the queue for 48 hours. I just released them a few minutes ago. DUDE decoy jobs should all go through, but some DOCK Blaster jobs may need to be resubmitted.

It is 11am in San Francisco right now. The backlog should be cleared by noon. If you don't get the result you were hoping for, step 1 is to resubmit, then wait 24 hrs, then email me if you're still having trouble.

-- John

DOCK Blaster and ligand upload fixed (again)

Dear patient docking.org fans

I am getting a little tired of telling you that I have fixed another problem, but that is the only way to be clear. There was a problem from Feb 12th to March 23rd that meant that molecule upload and by extension, docking runs that depending on molecule upload did not work correctly. It is very embarrassing, but it is solved.

Molecule upload, both separately and as part of DOCK Blaster, have been tested and work again.

One big problem fixed

We fixed one problem today (a rogue server that was not behaving).

Things should be working better now, but I'm going to take 24 hrs to look closely.

The workaround is always the same: if your job did not work, and you submitted it prior to Tues March 3rd at 5pm San Francisco time, please re-submit it, and accept my regrets.


-- sent from my iZINC

We know there are problems on our server

We are aware there are problems with DOCK Blaster, DUDE, and molecule upload. We are working on them. It may be a couple of days before we can put everything right. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We had an accident this morning on the cluster

No one was hurt, but all jobs currently running were lost.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will change our procedures so that this does not happen again. It was my fault, basically a bad typo with no backup made first.

--- John


I am going to work on docking.org for my recent synthesised compounds , fenobam's analouges.

power outages now over

It has been a busy week. Three power outages in as many days. Whew!

We were down overnight due to power outages beyond our control. We are now back up and running and all should be as it was. If you've had any trouble, step 1 is to try to repeat what you did. If the problem persists, please contact us!

Thanks for your interest in and support of our work at docking.org

-- John

minor outages

Dear Fans

We had a little outage this afternoon, owing to an enthusiastic user finding a way to download too much, too fast.

In an hour, we are shutting down operations overnight in preparation for a planned power outage. We will be back before noon tomorrow. We really hate to go off line, but it is for the safety of the equipment.

Thanks for your understanding.

docking.org team

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