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RAS Computational Chemistry Team
Cancer Research Technology Program
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

This is the home page for RAS Computational Chemistry Team.

Trent E. Balius is the project lead for the the RAS Compuational Chemsity Team.
For more information about Trent see his Short Bio page or his Curriculum Vitae.
Feel free to contact Trent, here is his Contact Information.


2019/05/09. New job posting. For bachelor's or master's degree holders with computational skills (perhaps newly graduated) who are interested in making a difference in human health and combating cancer consider applying for this position (link) in the RAS Comp. Chem. Team part of the RAS Initiative at the Frederick National Lab.
2019/03/05. Trent joined the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research where he leads the computational chemistry team.
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